Jamaica’s Bartlett eyeing St. Mary for Sustainable Tourism Development

Jamaica’s Bartlett eyeing St. Mary for Sustainable Tourism Development

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The parish of St. Mary has been earmarked by Jamaica Tourism Minister, Hon. Edmund Bartlett, as another potential area for sustainable tourism development beneath the reimaging exercise. Abundant with cultural history which range from Jamaica’s Taino and maroon heritage, St. Mary offers several elements which you can use to build up the certain area right into a mini destination.

on the weekend

Speaking throughout a tour of the parish, Minister Bartlett said, “Within our commitment to reimagine destination Jamaica, we have been focused on building out new experiences of Oracabessa towards Port Antonio east.

“The objective of the tour has gone to have a good hard look at Robin’s Bay, Golden Eye, rivers and beaches and all of the public assets in St. Mary, to look for the potential of the certain area to become lifestyle tourism destination.”

The technical team from the Ministry and different agencies, led by Permanent Secretary Mrs. Jennifer Griffiths, took part in the tour within the initial assessment of the certain area.

Minister of Tourism (C) in discussion with Permanent Secretary, Mrs. Jennifer Griffith (L) and General Manager of Robin’s Bay Beach and Village Resort, On the weekend janet Lee throughout a tour of the resort. Minister Bartlett announced that St. Mary would become area of the reimaging exercise to create out new tourism experiences.

“What we envisage because of this side of the island is needless to say low density and low carbon footprints to make sure minimal effect on the environment. This implies using more environmental-friendly methods to developing a more boutique type tourism experience.

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“We believe Port Antonio will be the big center for that lifestyle tourism with strong eco-tourism values and this lifestyle tourism can go completely to Oracabessa,” said Minister Bartlett.

this year beneath the instructions of Minister Bartlett

The reimaging exercise began earlier. Permanent Secretary, Mrs. Jennifer Griffith, who leads the united team, began carving out a destination development arrange for Negril. The areas which will be included are St. Thomas, Clarendon, Port Antonio & most St recently. Mary.

“The certain area has huge geophysical assets with regards to its beaches, waterfalls and rivers that may definitely be changed into tremendous experiences for tourism and enough time is now for all of us to capitalize with this potential,” concluded Minister Bartlett.

Author: George Taylor

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