Tourism (MoM) arrivals in Seychelles grew by 9% from January to June 2019

Tourism (MoM) arrivals in Seychelles grew by 9% from January to June 2019

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Figures recorded by the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) showed an extraordinary growth in the tourism arrivals in June 2019 this season.


Indeed,761 visitors stamped their passports at the immigration desks at the Seychelles AIRFIELDS for a secondary on our shores.

of the entire year

An increase regarded as exceptional because of this period, since it is the 1st time that the Seychelles islands have ever recorded over 25,in this month 000 visitors.

Figures presented by the NBS, confirmed that visitor’of the entire year to get rid of of June 2019 are equivalents to 187 s arrivals right from the start,108. This represents a substantial increase of 9% in comparison with exactly the same period in 2018 because the amount of visitors recorded for that period amounted to 172,099 visitors.

for the month of June 2019 as 4

Germany remains near the top of the very best five performing markets,087 German tourists disembarked on our shores; the United Arab Emirates (UAE) follows with several 3,119 visitors.

While the two 2,110 visitors were recorded to possess landed from UK (UK). In fourth and fifth position are France and Italy with a genuine amount of 1,855 and 1,794 tourists, respectively.

As projected by the Strategic Market and Planning Intelligence department of the Seychelles Tourism Board (STB), the targets set- at 3 to 4%- by the STB because of this year will undoubtedly be exceeded.


Speaking at a press briefing at Botanical House earlier, Mrs. Sherin Francis STB LEADER mentioned her satisfaction to notice that 2019 would also be considered a year of great performance for the.

“It really is remarkable to note that Seychelles remains a prime destination and that for recent years the destination has performed quite nicely over summer and winter. June is definitely a slow month and we’d anticipated that year it may be exactly the same despite our active work to create more tourist in the united kingdom. The existing figures from NBS comforts us in knowing we were able to hit an archive for the month of June,” said Mrs. Francis.

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Parallel to the upsurge in visitor’s arrivals may be the growth in the yields, in line with the latest figures from the CBS (figures described are for Jan-May 2019), the yields recorded from tourism related activities show that the destination is 6% before last year. From January to May 2019 were approximately 3 the CBS estimated that the tourism earnings.5 Billion SCR in comparison to only 3.3 Billion SCR through the same period in 2018.

In terms of travel agency bookings for the coming months, a rise in the amounts of bookings have already been estimated forward.

According to the forward bookings, of the entire year data received from the travel agencies it really is noted that for another 6 months,  for the most notable 5 markets a forecast 3.9% upsurge in regards to bookings made this time around this past year.

Major improvements in travel agency bookings for a few key markets including France, Russia, UK, China and italy have already been noted.

Mrs. Francis maintained that the STB could keep on increasing visibility for the Seychelles and encouraged the tourism trade to help keep the fantastic marketing work to advertise their properties and services.

Author: George Taylor

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