Nevis celebrates success of Nevis Mango & Food Festival

Nevis celebrates success of Nevis Mango & Food Festival

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Nevis is celebrating the success of the sixth annual Nevis Mango & Food Festival, july 4-7 that occurred, 2019. Day festival featured 16 local Nevisian Chefs the four, participation of four local restaurants, the initial ever Caribbean Mango Cooking Competition and was headlined by celebrity Chefs Judy Simon and Joo Jenkins. This was the 3rd time UK Iron Chef Judy Joo, a Korean-American French-trained chef located in London, and frequent Food Network guest and host, participated in the meals and Mango Festival. With tripled attendance the Nevis Mango & Food Festival is quickly cementing its position as a the best Mango and culinary event in the Caribbean

Nevis mangoes, which you can find 44 varieties, are special and prized because of their texture and flavor truly. They inspire culinary creativity among celebrity and local chefs who carefully select their favorites and turn them into from soups and salsas, to marinades, sauces, cocktails and fabulous desserts. Locals, however, eat them fresh off the trees happily!

The four-day mango extravaganza began with a press conference hosted by Johnson Johnrose of the Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO), and a demonstration by UK Iron Chef Judy Joo and Simon Jenkins of the united kingdom with strategies for using mangos in cooking. The press conference happened at the brand new restaurant, Cleveland Gardens, where Nevisian chefs, Berecia Stapleton and Wentworth Smithen gave demonstrations highlighting local mango varieties also. Afterwards, Iron Chef UK Judy Joo conducted a mango cooking masterclass with leading international media. Afternoon michelin starred Chef Simon Jenkins hosted a cake decorating clinic for Nevisian bakers in the. The Festival featured masterclasses, special hosted evenings at restaurants, tastings, and guided food trails. The highlight of the festival may be the Chefs Mango Feast that occurred on July 7th where in fact the first ever Caribbean Mango Cooking Competition happened with culinary teams from Antigua, Barbados, St and nevis. Kitts. Judged by Chefs Judy Joo, Simon Jenkins, and Texas food critic Mai Pham, Barbados was the inaugural winner. The Feast featured the Mango Baking Competition also, and was a chance for 16 local Nevisian Chefs to supply examples of their signature mango dishes, and samples from four local restaurants. The function was a genuine celebration, with the inclusion of Nevis’ GARDEN GREENHOUSE Band, providing a taste of local music.

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As an extra bonus, a lot of the local resorts and restaurants feature “Mango Fest” menus. Guests from all around the island are pleased to reserve their spots for lunches and dinners that feature this special ingredient.

Organized by the Nevis Tourism Authority, the Mango & Food Festival isn’t only a culinary celebration of Mango for visitors and residents, it offers educational opportunities for local students and businesses. The Festival provides internships for culinary students, mentoring opportunities from headline Chefs, a commercial festival where local businesses sold products created from mangos, and the promotion of the culinary usage of mangos to operate a vehicle the neighborhood mango industry. Greg Phillip, CEO, Nevis Tourism Authority shared, “The Nevis Tourism Authority is tremendously happy with what the Nevis Food and Mango Festival is becoming. It has earned a much deserved spot in the Caribbean’s annual calendar of ‘must see’ events and is poised to cultivate more even. Year we have been grateful to the individuals and business who supported us this. It had been an positive experience to welcome the culinary teams from St incredibly. Kitts, Antigua and barbados who participated in the initial annual Caribbean Mango Cooking Competition. We are pumped up about the 2020 Mango and Food Festival already.”

Author: George Taylor

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