Global Rescue: Tourist’s Life Saved after Inhaling Mysterious Airborne Bacteria in Namibia

Global Rescue: Tourist’s Life Saved after Inhaling Mysterious Airborne Bacteria in Namibia

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Scott Garrett no more leaves the united states without his Global Rescue membership card in his wallet. Garrett’s incredible story in regards to a life-threatening illness on safari in Namibia is really a testament to why his family considers themselves lucky to possess Global Rescue.

Garrett may be the elected president of Garrett Trucking in Houston, Texas. A busy man, Garrett found time and energy to take an adventurous vacation along with his wife. Their trip took them from Houston to Dubai, Johannesburg and Namibia then.

Two days in to the vacation, Garrett inhaled a mysterious airborne bacteria. His breathing became labored, he was coughing frequently and begun to experience major fatigue while on safari along with his wife.

Garrett remembers telling his wife, “This isn’t that big of a deal. I’ll be fine.” It wouldn’t be until he realized precisely how wrong he was long.

While Garrett was quick to dismiss the specific situation, his wife Tanya wouldn’t normally, as Scott’s symptoms were growing serious. His kidneys were failing plus some of his other organs had begun shutting down.

Fortunately, Tanya and scott reached a hospital with time to handle the infection scott had contracted.

Distance from your home coupled with a life-threatening illness can lead to a horrifying feeling. This is the sensation that Tanya described ahead of contacting Global Rescue.

“When Global Rescue was with me there,” Tanya recalls, “A knowledge was had by me partner to greatly help me complete it. I wasn’t alone. I wasn’t likely to be lost for the reason that mess just. I wasn’t anymore scared.”

Thanks to Tanya’s quick decision-making and the Garrett’s Global Rescue membership, these were in a position to access appropriate look after Scott’s deteriorating condition rapidly. Global Rescue directed Garrett to the very best nearby facility to handle his life-threatening medical issues and deployed personnel to aid Tanya in overseeing her husband’s care.

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Even probably the most cautious international travelers will get themselves in life-threatening situations quickly. Founded in 2004, Global Rescue is preferable to travel insurance. Not the same as travel cover, Global Rescue members don’t need to get involved with the trouble of insurance claims. Because the global world leader in crisis response, emergency evacuation and field rescue, Global Rescue responds whenever a member requires swift action quickly.

With a united team of renowned medical and security teams stationed around the world, including seasoned military special operations veterans, Global Rescue provides reassurance at affordable pricing surprisingly. Global Rescue members have a backup plan set up, taking the worry out of travel.

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