Strong support for Jamaica Tourism Workers’ Pension Scheme

Strong support for Jamaica Tourism Workers’ Pension Scheme

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In anticipation of passing its final hurdle in the Senate, the Jamaica Ministry of Tourism has embarked on another round of awareness and sensitization sessions to obtain workers signed onto the Tourism Workers’ Pension Scheme.

The scheme has received parliamentary approval and is likely to obtain the Senate&rsquo already; s press after inclusion of a genuine amount of recommendations from that body. It’ll then visit the Governor General for his assent and regulations will undoubtedly be drafted for the program to be rolled out in January 2020.

Minister of Tourism, Hon. Edmund Bartlett, joined by Chair of Pension Scheme Oversight Committee, Hon. Daisy Coke, sold the scheme to a representative gathering of varied tourism stakeholders from the Ocho Rios area Wednesday, July 17, at the Anglican Church Hall.

Describing it as a precise contractual scheme, Mrs. Coke said for the initial 3 years of its operation, employees shall contribute 3 percent of these salary, matched by 3 percent from their employers. Thereafter, the rate will be risen to 5 percent. Self-employed persons may also be put through the 3 and 5 percent but won’t have the advantage of a matching amount.

Minister Bartlett underscored the significance to getting more from the tourism industry by developing the capability in order to contribute better, more &ldquo efficiently;and more fulfilling to ourselves since when we work we’re doing work for the employer just, we’re no longer working to improve productivity which will enhance the important thing of some national government; we’re doing work for self-satisfaction also.”

Minister of Tourism, Hon Edmund Bartlett outlines the significance of the Tourism Workers’ Pension Scheme to a representative gathering of workers from various sectors of the, at an sensitization and awareness session, on Wednesday held at the Anglican Church Hall in Ocho Rios, July 17, 2019. Seated to his right is Chair of the Tourism Workers’ Pension Scheme Oversight Committee, noted actuary, Hon Daisy Coke.

He said it had been also very important to workers to feel happy in what they do and having security of tenure, being remunerated appropriately and understanding that there is a social security arrangement with a social security net awaiting them after working very difficult, would engender that happiness.

According to Mr, Bartlett, “the potential size of the Tourism Workers’ Pension Scheme will probably be of a magnitude that Jamaica hasn’t seen.” He said it had been eight years in the making and was the initial of its kind on earth.

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With the ongoing expansion of the providing increased employment, Minister Bartlett stressed the significance of human capital development and training because the number 1 priority to boost the caliber of what is on offer because the product and create an opinionated experience for visitors who’ll desire to return and enhance the 42 percent repeat business that the united states now enjoys.

With the Hospitality and Tourism Management Program already set up through 33 high schools offering a co-employee degree in hotel management; the Tourism Product Development Company’s TEAM Jamaica sensitizing from what the industry is focused on; HEART NTA building and measuring competence; and the Jamaica Centre of Tourism Innovation offering on-the-job certification at various levels, he said the next phase is always to have tertiary level training.

“Another level now for all of us is tertiary and post graduate qualification because our industry is one which is changing each day; it’s a fresh tourism that’s emerging where technology will play an even more important role in the delivery of the experiences and services of the,” said Minister Bartlett, adding that “a lot more hotels are likely to become automated in order that will probably have implications for the low level employees in the sector. Our job therefore would be to be sure that we have been preparing another workforce to be ITT competent also to manage to operate well in this post-industrial revolution.”


Starting, a partnership will start with the University of the West Indies to determine a graduate program in tourism that opens the entranceway for persons to sort out the machine, write a thesis and acquire a Master of Science in Tourism. Minister Bartlett said utilizing data, “we will find new means of doing exactly the same things that we’ve done through the years but better techniques tend to be more efficient, less expensive and much more value offer.”

Author: George Taylor

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