Hawaii ranks #2 in the us for shark attacks over past 2 decades

Hawaii ranks #2 in the us for shark attacks over past 2 decades

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With Shark, Safewise wished to learn which states had probably the most shark attacks during the last two decades. A specialist comparison and review website analyzed data from all shark attacks, both nonfatal and fatal, reported to Global Shark Attack File from 2000 to 2019.

Hawaii ranked #2 for shark attacks in the united kingdom with 117 shark attacks since 2000.

Over days gone by decade, shark attacks have risen in Hawaii by way of a significant amount. In 2000-2009 there have been 44 attacks, while 77 attacks have already been report within the last decade.

Study Highlights:

• Hawaii and florida contain the top spots for some shark attacks out of any coastal states. Florida has 486, while Hawaii has 117 attacks during the last 2 decades.

• From the 91 million recreational swimmers in america, every year in the last decade you can find usually about 44 attacked by sharks.

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• There were only 18 fatal shark attacks within the last twenty years, nine in each decade.

• Men will fall victim to shark attacks since they participate in pursuits like surfing perhaps, diving, and long-distance swimming a lot more than women often. Since 2000, one in four victims were female, and three in four were male.

Author: George Taylor

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