Tourism: Ethiopia backs Africa Hotel Investment Forum

Tourism: Ethiopia backs Africa Hotel Investment Forum

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Prominent figures from Ethiopia’s public and private sectors have spoken out publicly to welcome the go back to Addis Ababa of the Africa Hotel Investment Forum (AHIF), that is the premier tourism and hotel investment conference in Africa, also to encourage others to wait. AHIF attracts many prominent international hotel owners, investors, financiers, management companies and their advisers. It shall go back to the Sheraton Hotel, Week of September addis Ababa within the last, 23-25, 2019. AHIF happened in Ethiopia’s capital city in 2014 and 2015.

According to an unbiased study by Grant Thornton and the international tourism advisory expert, Martin Jansen van Vuuren, of Futureneer Advisors, the function is forecast to be worth $millions to Ethiopia’s economy also to facilitate the investment of $billions in hospitality projects across Africa. In 2018, AHIF facilitated around $2.8 billion of investment in the hospitality sector and between 2011 and 2018, $6.2 billion. Abebe Abebayehu, Commissioner, Ethiopian Investment Commission, said: “We have been glad to aid this prestigious event. AHIF attracts the best calibre band of business leaders in the hospitality industry in Africa. By firmly taking part, we will be capable of geting a more deeply knowledge of what investors need. That is vital that you us in the context of the government&rsquo particularly;s concentrate on tourism as a strategic pillar of the economy. By encouraging more investment in hospitality projects, we will create productive employment for the young population and earn valuable hard currency.”

One of the very most important roles played by AHIF would be to facilitate networking between delegates. Many developers and investors are keen to get new resources of finance, expert advisers and importantly, local partners. One Ethiopian businessman, Neway Berhanu, Managing Director, Calibra Hospitality Group, has benefitted out of this substantially. He says: “Calibra Hospitality Group’s success in becoming the best consulting company in Ethiopia has been greatly helped when you are a dynamic participant in the Africa Hotel Investment Forum, since 2011. Because of Bench Events (, we have been well connected now, having established excellent relationships with all the current major international hotel Brands. Which has enabled us to summarize to 25 International transactions close, bringing business to Ethiopia. I’d encourage the continuing business community and all stakeholders in the hospitality sector to wait.”

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The promotion of tourism is another critical issue for most African countries. For Ethiopia, it really is underlined by way of a report from the global world Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC), which states that Travel & Tourism represents 61% of Ethiopia’s exports and the is expected because of it to expand by way of a whopping 48.6% in 2019. An evergrowing national airline rapidly, a fresh hub airport, relaxed visa regulations and the national country being the political center of Africa, by virtue of hosting the headquarters of the African Union, are drivers of the impressive numbers. Ms Lensa Mekonnen, CEO, Tourism Ethiopia said: “AHIF shall offer an excellent possibility to welcome the cream of the hotel industry to Ethiopia. Our aim would be to suggest to them our assets and thereby attract more international-standard hotel and resort brands to determine themselves near our historical, cultural and natural sites, as well as the capital city. By promoting balanced development regionally, we will attract more tourists to Ethiopia and cause them to become stay longer.”

Matthew Weihs, Managing Director, Bench Events, concluded: “Ethiopia is really a center for political meetings in Africa and a fast-growing transport hub. That means it is appealing to hotel investors already. The government’s declared fascination with prioritizing tourism increase the attractiveness further, alongside its renewed enthusiasm for collaboration with the continuing business community. When AHIF found Ethiopia first, there have been three internationally-branded Hotels, the Hilton, the Radisson and the Sheraton. There exists a Best Western now, a Golden Tulip, a Hyatt Regency, Marriott apartments and a Ramada; plus, another 27 hotels in the offing!”

Author: George Taylor

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