Where to find a prostitute in Amsterdam? Brothels and tourism

Where to find a prostitute in Amsterdam? Brothels and tourism

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The Union for Dutch Sex workers doesn’t desire to abandon one of the primary places of interest in Amsterdam, the red light district and the famous windows where legal prostitution is really a big earner for the tourism Euro.

on July 4

eTN reported, that Amsterdam’s prostitutes in brothel windows may soon be considered a thing of days gone by following the new female mayor Femke Halsema has vowed to completely clean up the notorious red-light district and also close a number of the famed window booths.

Prostitution is really a big it&rsquo and business;s the oldest business in Amsterdam. 18 million visitors visited the Amsterdam red-light district and had a peak in the windows where prostitutes compete for customers.

The mayor put 4 options up for grabs referring to the necessity of local residents complaining about increasing crime in your community.

The first would be to literally draw curtains on the window booths so people cannot start to see the sex workers from the road.

The second item would be to move some window booths to the areas of the populous city, as the more radical option three would be to close down and move every one of them.

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However the fourth option would be to actually raise the amount of window brothels in debt light district from the existing degree of 330, and in addition develop a &ldquo possibly;sex hotel”, on the lands that it can help sex workers trapped in the unlicensed sector to go to the licensed industry.

Recently, residents, companies, and off-duty sex workers met city officials, including Halsema, to go over and exchange ideas on her behalf proposals, in September which are slated for further talks in the town council.

But residents also said that mass tourism in the Wallen caused great inconvenience — and in a minumum of one case, physical harm.

In a scene all too acquainted with locals, Gijs, a 47-year-old academic who asked to be identified only by his first name, said he was assaulted by way of a British tourist near his entry way.

Author: George Taylor

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