Hong Kong looks set to suffer a dramatic drop in visitors

Hong Kong looks set to suffer a dramatic drop in visitors

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A freshly updated report has revealed that the recent wave of pro-democracy demonstrations in Hong Kong, on Monday culminating in the closure of the airport, has had the result of deterring folks from making plans to go to the populous city.

In the almost eight-week period from 16th June – august 9th, which includes been marked by way of a two million strong demonstration along with a general strike and riots on 16th June, the siege of police headquarters, july and the storming of the Legislative Council building on 1st, recently, riot police charging protesters with batons and firing tear gas, numerous arrests, warnings from several countries about happen to be Hong Kong and mass protests at the airport, flight bookings to Hong Kong from Asian markets* have fallen by 20.2% on the same period this past year.

In the initial fortnight (16th – 29th June), bookings fell 9.0% and in the next (30th June – 13th July), 2.2%. At that true point, it appeared that the demonstrations were having a short-term effect on short-haul travel. However, in the next 27 days (14th July – 9th August), there’s been a dramatic drop in bookings – 33.4%. There’s now clear evidence that the protests have reversed a confident travel trend where bookings for the initial six . 5 months of the entire year were up 6.6% on 2018.

*The bookings data excludes China and Taiwan just because a fall in bookings from those destinations in the latter section of June may be explained by the timing of the Dragon Boat Festival, this season than it did in 2018 which fell 11 days earlier.

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The situation in Hong Kong has deteriorated substantially previously eight weeks and particularly so during the past four, say professionals. June and early July during, no decline was seen by professionals in long-haul bookings to Hong Kong; however, that’s longer the case no. June to 9th August from 16th, long-haul bookings to Hong Kong are 4 now.7% down on the same period this past year. Furthermore, of Monday the most recent numbers usually do not yet are the events, when all flights were cancelled and video of police clearing protestors from the airport were beamed all over the world; therefore the experts aren’t optimistic about reporting a recovery in the immediate future.

Author: George Taylor

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