Top Instagrammable experiences and destinations for 2019 revealed

Top Instagrammable experiences and destinations for 2019 revealed

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World’s hottest ‘Instagrammable’ holiday experiences and destinations for the summertime of 2019 have already been revealed, showing where millennials are heading and how Instagram and social media marketing are influencing their choices.

When it involves overall destinations, London and Dubai both come in the very best five. London won hands-down by way of a huge margin, with over 118 million hashtags, beating Paris with a margin of 17 million, #Paris’ was posted on Instagram 101 million times accompanied by Nice with 87 million, NY 83 million and Dubai to arrive fifth with over 79 million hashtags. ‘Instagrammability’ is really a crucial factor for millennials choosing where you can continue holiday, a lot more than 41% of individuals beneath the age of 33 prioritize ‘Insta-picture-worthiness’ whenever choosing their holidays.

Other top hashtags include Istanbul, Jakarta, LA, Barcelona, Moscow, and Tokyo.

According to the travel experts, Instagram is among the most significant influencers now, not merely for the destinations themselves but also for specific forms of activities from adventures to wellness retreats, nature, wildlife, cityscapes, culinary experiences, art plus much more. Research implies that millennials save money on travel, life is focused on experiences.

Trends for 2019 show that twenty-somethings are going to places where they are able to capture unusual landscapes, cultural authenticity and culinary delights. When Wego drilled in to the specifics down, Dubai may be the most Instaworthy put on the earth for food where 26% of most Dubai hashtags include #food.

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The hottest Instaworthy experiences that millennials are trying to find this season include outdoor activities in a sensational setting like stand-up paddleboarding New Zealand’s lakes or snorkelling in the crystal-clear seas of Croatia given that smartphones may take great photos underwater especially.

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Chiangmai in Thailand also scores highly for Instagrammability, because of its offbeat unspoilt jungles, elephants, wellness retreats and spectacular golden, silver and blue Buddhist temples even.

The extensive research shows millennials are loving the ‘Instaworthiness’ of the beautiful lunar-like landscapes of Cappadocia in Turkey, the extraordinary volcanic wildernesses and landscapes of Iceland and Hong Kong’s Peak Tram, gives stunning views of the complete bay and city from the most notable of Victoria Peak. Further afield, this season the Hanging Gardens Infinity Pool in Bali in Indonesia has gained huge Insta-worthiness, as has Cape Town’s ‘Diving Board’ rock on Table Mountain.

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