IMEX America: The sky’s the limit at Smart Monday

IMEX America: The sky’s the limit at Smart Monday

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Limitations include creativity’ – sound improbable? Not in accordance with artist Phil Hansen, keynote at IMEX America which began today with Smart Monday, powered by MPI.

Hansen was forced to get creative methods to overcome a tremor in his drawing hand and along the way he learned how exactly to ‘embrace the shake’ – creating art using other tools – shoes, coffee cups, matchsticks… hamburgers even! Through live types of his disruptive artistic process – the audience ripped up one of is own artworks and created among their very own – he shared his learnings in his keynote: Embrace the shake: transforming limitations into opportunities. “We’re taught that people need choice, but limitations can prompt fresh thinking – don’t seize the day… seize the limitation.”

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The audience – John Larson, from Marquis Exhibits, says: “What an inspiring guy – he’s shown me to hesitate of the unexpected never. A situation may seem such as a failure, but it’s an alternative simply.” Cathy Peterson from Dayton Convention & Visitors Bureau adds: “A lesson learned may be the importance of considering things &ndash differently; reframing how exactly we approach a project.”

Ask ‘What if…?’


Smart, powered by MPI, day of education which sets the tone for a rigorous week of business is really a dedicated, skills and networking development at IMEX America, September 10 – 12 in NEVADA. Imagination was the driving force behind your day with a complete host of experiential activities made to prompt attendees to ask ‘what if…?’.

What easily change my event you need to include different sets of people? That is among the questions Julius Solaris from asked attendees to take into account in his session Unleash your Event Imagination. As research partners on the IMEX Talking Point of ‘Imagination’ year this, launched their report, created in colaboration with PSAV, containing best practice case studies of one of the most imaginative events over the industry.

A host of experiential activities from mindful sessions at the Be Well Lounge, digital portrait painting, a string art wall, to Paws for a rest (downtime with dogs!) gave attendees both relaxation and inspiration as PK Keiran from Butler Events explains: “Mindfulness is really a real thing, something most of us should do and embrace. I dragged people to go through the joy of it.”

Diversity and drama drive the education

“The continuing future of finance is female – and most of us have to take better control of our financial futures” – Dr. Mara Catherine Harvey from UBS Switzerland AG issued a rallying cry to women at She Means Business, a joint event by IMEX and tw magazine, supported by MPI. Mara, keynote at the brand new conference, showed some hard-hitting stats on the real impact of the gender pay gap over an eternity and discussed the necessity to drive forward progress on workplace equality also to spread the powerful message to another generation. She was encouraged by her audience to comprehend the impact of most their decisions on women, not at the job however in every product and service they purchase just. She urged event planners to transform the worthiness chain and the supply chain of these businesses also. Ask yourselves “where will be the ladies in everything we do? Ensure that your RFPs ask where your suppliers stand on gender equality. You have the charged power. You should employ it,” she urged.

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Attendees were devote the driver’s seat of a high-stakes challenge at InsideRisk’s session – What sort of leader are you currently under maximum pressure? Using the true story of Swiss executive J.P. Mottu, who in 1988 found himself responsible for saving a engineer kidnapped by Colombian rebels, the interactive session challenged attendees to take into account what they might do if confronted with these incredibly complex – and dramatic – decisions.

monday also featured special events for specialist audiences

Smart, including a link Leadership Forum, Executive Meeting Forum plus open-to-all education crafted and delivered by leading industry associations including EIC, ICCA, PCMA, SITE and iaee.

Tailored education to transform

The IMEX America Executive Meetings Forum at Caesars Palace early in the day saw 35 senior corporate meetings executives gather in what facilitator, Terri Breining, referred to as ‘a sacred space’. With a complete day’s program shaped entirely round the challenges and issues gathered from the combined group beforehand, this year’s Forum centered on specially curated conversations on topics including motivating teams and best practice leadership. Attendees included representatives from KPMG, Boston Consulting Group, Astra Zeneca, Enterprise EY and Holdings. This program centered on what Breining called &lsquo also;clearing the underbrush’. “You told us you wish to leave from today with actionable insights and a feeling of how exactly to cut through all of the ‘stuff’ that accumulates around your role inevitably. You need to learn new methods to become more effective, you intend to find inspiration from one another and you also desire to discover new course correction tools and approaches. Today would be to assist you to transition or transform our goal, both possibly.”

The capability to adapt and react to these drivers of change was at the forefront of the Association Leadership Forum. “We must have strategic conversations finding out about to a decade in to the future so as to consider how exactly to prepare our association for future years and build relationships staff,” advised speaker Hannes Combest, CEO of the National Auctioneers Association.

september 10 &ndash

IMEX America continues; 12 in NEVADA.


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