Discovering the energy of “What if…?” at IMEX America’s new Discovery Zone

Discovering the energy of “What if…?” at IMEX America’s new Discovery Zone

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“What if….?” day of IMEX America was the question asked over the show floor on the initial, within the concentrate on imagination, IMEX’this season s Talking Point.

The new Discovery Zone at IMEX America, september 10 &ndash occurring; 12, is filled with experiences to turn up the imagination and inspire attendees to explore new methods to event engagement. Attendees had the chance to source ideas on creativity and sustainability with offerings offering a “mystery tattoo” booth, multi-sensory displays, digital graffiti walls, interactive photo booths and a fresh, distinctive design of flower arranging called Freakebana.

Jacqueline Reeves at Esko is really a first-time hosted buyer from Miamisburg, USA, and was visiting the THINKERS Society booth that helps attendees to believe creatively. “I acquired here and was immediately attracted to the Discovery Zone just. I’m always seeking to become more creative and desire to discover new ideas and steal ideas for all of us to use. It is a great start.”

Collette Williams, a hosted buyer from VitalSmarts, saw EyeJack’s augmented reality (AR) photo booth. “This &ndash is loved by me; that is awesome. That is goes and unique way beyond ordinary photos.”

Creativity is really a muscle – the more it’s used the stronger it gets. That’s in accordance with Christopher Bent from Piccles, a self-confessed “doodler” who’s sharing his collaborative drawing platform in his learning session Uncork your crowd’s creativity. The Inspiration Hub, sponsored by Maritz Global Events, houses the show floor education and will be offering attendees an enormous selection of education, a lot of it centered on exploring the many areas of human imagination. IMEX and MPI get together to talk about ideas on how best to use imagination to embrace inclusion and diversity, by asking, “imagine if we included a myriad of people intentionally?”

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As research partners on the IMEX Talking Point of “Imagination” year this, launched its report, created in colaboration with PSAV, containing best practice case studies of one of the most imaginative events over the industry. The report profiles 15 events specifically and shares over 50 “actionable insights” for events planners. Within hours over 1,000 people had downloaded the free report, a fresh record for an IMEX industry research paper. As report sponsors, PSAV can be inviting attendees to create imaginative discoveries on its booth through the show.

until September 12 in NEVADA

IMEX America continues.

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Discovering the energy of “What if…?” at IMEX America’s new Discovery Zone

An IMEX America attendee spreads her wings

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