International Tourism Investment Conference (ITIC) to launch in London

International Tourism Investment Conference (ITIC) to launch in London

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Dr. Taleb Rifai is probably the drivers behind the initial International Tourism and Investment Conference (ITIC) 2019 to occurs November 01 and November 02 at the Intercontinental London Hotel on Park Lane.

This important event may happen amidst changing geopolitical scenes. It is designed to trigger a fresh way of thinking in sustainable tourism development driven by new technologies such as for example blockchain, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence.

Over days gone by decades, the Global Tourism Industry shows uninterrupted growth despite economic uncertainties and also unforeseen market turmoil practically. This growth has generated far-reaching advantages to several developed and developing societies and economies around the world.

It has enriched countries with investments, forex earnings, job opportunities enabling social inclusion and regional development. In line with the UNWTO, international tourist arrivals stood at 1.3 billion in 2017 and it is forecasted that the movement of people across the globe shall reach 1.8 billion by 2030. In 2017, the Tourism and Travel industry generated US$ 1.3 trillion and accounted for 109 million jobs worldwide. From the wider indirect and direct perspectives, the sector contributed US$ 7.6 trillion to the global economy and supported 300 million jobs in 2017 nearly. This was add up to 10.2% of the world’s GDP also to 1 from every 10 jobs approximately.

However, this growth is really a double-edged sword – the tourism industry is filled with opportunities but involves adapting to continuously evolving new challenges also. With increasing global competition, every destination has to be constantly learning and reinventing itself so as to maintain steadily its dynamism and sustainability. You will find a constant, ongoing have to identify and explore growing outbound tourism markets and utilize emerging opportunities. Additionally it is necessary to concentrate on unique selling points that have enabled destinations to select by offering unconventional tourism experience. Social media marketing and e-marketing tools have reshaped the operations of the complete tourism industry also.

These factors will be the forerunners of massive investment and home based business opportunities for developed countries, emerging economies and for regions which are relatively untapped also, like Africa, along with island destinations that will gain in popularity and can be more fashionable in the a long time.


The International Tourism & Investment Conference (ITIC) has been made to stick out as a sought-after platform to stimulate a fresh thought process concentrating on key global issues impacting positively or negatively on the. It could also herald a fresh vision and new perspectives for tourism because the powerhouse for future economic growth and investment for wealth and job creation through innovation and global value chain. As tourism gathers greater momentum among travellers, ITIC will address the concerns and challenges facing destinations worldwide &ndash also; geographic locations, connectivity, capacity building, infrastructure, human capital, resources, security and safety, amongst others. They are areas bearing potentials for investment predicated on proper planning, development strategies by way of a mixture of global networking and concerted local actions.

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Tourism Investment Platform

The Conference provides a platform to operate a vehicle international awareness and investment in to the tourism sector and it’ll also become a catalyst for inclusive growth. ITIC shall, therefore, add value to the efforts of holiday destinations by assisting in translating their vision, development and objectives strategies into bankable project Initiatives. Delegates shall get the chance to take part in advanced group discussions, pR and networking with policymakers, private sector stakeholders, private equity firms, funding agencies, high-net-worth investors, bankers, fund managers, tourism experts, business influencers and innovators, who have the energy to channel capital and raise funds through the use of London because the prime financial hub for investment. Among the key factors is to explore investment opportunities in green tourism projects in Africa with the purpose of reducing emissions and creating a climate-resilient future, while at the same time minimizing negative impacts on the neighborhood environment. Investors around the world have become more worried about these issues requesting more transparency before investing their profit projects.

ITIC gives visibility to leading industry entities and emerging destinations within their policy orientation by pairing specific tourism strategies with investment solutions, thus acting as a catalyst and an engine for inclusive growth and sustainable economic development.

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