IMEX America closes on another high: A catalyst for change and industry advancement

IMEX America closes on another high: A catalyst for change and industry advancement

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The ninth edition of IMEX America involves a detailed in NEVADA today following a week that left no-one in doubt concerning the strength, vitality and appetite for business that defines the global meetings, incentive travel and events industry.

“This edition has been our most imaginative yet, and once and for all reason considering that our annual Talking Point and annual research white paper were both specialized in the energy of Imagination,” said chairman Ray Bloom at the show’s closing press conference.

He was joined by Chandra Allison, senior vice president sales, Sands Expo; Paul Van Deventer, president and CEO of Meeting Professionals International (MPI) and John Schreiber CEM, vice president of business sales, LVCVA.

“In a day and age that’s marked by a fantastic rate of change, in technology particularly, it’s impressive to observe how the complete industry is embracing virtual reality and experiential activations. I could testify that innovation also, this week creativity and imagination have been around in rich supply at the Sands Expo,” said Bloom.

Reporting on the real amount of pre-scheduled appointments made between buyers and exhibitors, an integral performance metric for the show and its own attendees, Bloom explained the show had achieved a fresh high with a 3 % increase to 76,this week 000 appointments recorded.

“As much of you understand, year we make an effort to be our very own competition every, to push ourselves to provide richer experiences, better education and, needless to say, a solid business pipeline for the exhibitors really. Our partners keep too rising to the occasion. We’ve seen some spectacular booths and activations this season and so are delighted to see so many exhibitors aligning with this annual Talking Point and deploying it so innovatively every year. Their degree of commitment and investment to business is remarkable. Equally the feedback concerning the variety and quality of our education program has been first rate this year.”

He continued to share with you the countless industry “firsts” through the week that had occurred, like the launch of the function Industry Council’s (EIC) new Center for Sustainable Events. EIC also announced they intend to replace the old Apex standards with new EIC standards. Along the way the standards have already been updated and consolidated to create them more accessible for your industry; IMEX America is among only two events which have focused on pilot them.

The signing by multiple partners of the Events Industry Sexual Harassment Task Force Pledge and the announcement of the events industry’s involvement in accelerating the 17 US Sustainable Development Goals, later this month which will be the center point of discussions at the UN Summit in NY, made this a stand-out edition of IMEX America also. Other social justice issues, including ECPAT’s drive to encourage meetings and event planners to teach themselves on how best to end child prostitution and slavery, were discussed at the show widely. IMEX is really a proud sponsor of the ECPAT 20by20 campaign and contains also signed the pledge.

of the week

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Bloom recapped other highlights, including a large number of high-level partner events such as for example EIC’s Hall of Pacesetter and Leaders Awards, MPI Foundation SITE and Rendezvous Nite. IMEX’s efforts to supply a wider selection of healthier refreshments choices, including Impossible Beyond and Burgers Meat hotdogs had proved a large hit, using its waterwise menu options together. “We’re opening people’s eyes to what’s possible with health, wellbeing, sustainability and better nutrition on the highway and during large events. We really appreciate those partners who’ve stepped around help us make these massive strides forward. It’s noteworthy that also, because of Sands Expo, this year’s show is 100% powered by renewable energy.”

through the entire week including diversity and inclusion

Other themes ran strong, collaboration and transformation and sustainability, which featured in the IMEX Imagination research report, sponsored by PSAV. The report has been downloaded by 1,900 events industry professionals up to now, a substantial achievement for authors EventMB.iMEX and com.

Bloom also reminded his audience that 2020 start to see the 10th edition of IMEX America. He said: “You’re invited by people to share inside our birthday celebrations. This isn’t about IMEX, it’s about you, your contribution and our collective need to see this industry flourish, to utilize its influence and power and responsibly, most importantly, to cultivate in a sustainable way.”

In closing, Bloom announced the annual IMEX Talking Point for 2020 and 2021. “I’m delighted to inform you that, for the very first time, we’ve a Talking Point which will run for just two years. It’s a large, timely, important topic, one we are able to all relate with and something that warrants our full attention; that Talking Point will undoubtedly be “Nature.” We’ll be exploring what nature can perform for us, and what we are able to do for we&rsquo and nature;ll be running this theme over 2 yrs to provide it the traction it deserves.”


IMEX America concludes, September 12, in NEVADA.


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IMEX America occurs in September again next year: September 15 – 17, 2020.

#IMEXcited. Why? Because IMEX America is celebrating its 10th birthday in 2020. Additional information to soon follow.

Author: George Taylor

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