2026 Winter Olympics: Ciao Italy

2026 Winter Olympics: Ciao Italy

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Milan and Cortina won the bid on the 2026 Winter Olympic Games, bringing back memories of the Cortina Olympics held in 1956 and Turin Olympics in 2006. The consequences on tourism and, more generally, on the national country;s economy already are being announced for the games approaching in 2026 which is held in the cities of Milan and Cortina d’Ampezzo.

The victory “weighed over 80% of popular consensus, in comparison to 55% in Sweden” explained Thomas Bach, president of the International Olympic Committee (IOC). In accordance with a recently available study by the Ca’ Foscari University of Venice, the expenses and investments activated by the Olympic Games will total 1 billion and 123 million euros for the Veneto region and the autonomous provinces of Trento and Bolzano.

According to the intentions of the organizers,  Olympics 2026 will undoubtedly be low-cost, completed using mostly existing structures with (almost) zero effect on the territory. Specifically, a report commissioned by the federal government at the Sapienza University of Rome estimates the full total cost of the business at 1.9 billion euros. At length, the biggest part is destined for the entire management of the function: 1.17 billion euros.

Added to they are security costs (the forecast is for 415 million euros), while infrastructure investments should total 346 million.

The total vast amounts of monetary effect on the Italian GDP in the time from 2020 to 2028 will undoubtedly be 2.per year 3 with a peak in from 2025 of 350 million.

According to the Milan Bocconi University, the real amount of jobs generated in the many stages of the Games is a lot more than 22,300 which 13,800 will undoubtedly be in Veneto, Trento, and Bolzano, plus 8,500 in Lombardy.

The elected president of the Council, Giuseppe Conte, announced a Cortina influence on the economy: “The Olympics represent an excellent chance of sporting, social, and economic growth, the chance of increasing tourism, of improving our infrastructural system to cultivate better in a sustainable way.”

There are those that thinking about how exactly to intervene to boost services already. The province of Sondrio – with the Valtellina that may host the races on the Bormio (men’s alpine ski) and Livigno (snowboard and freestyle) slopes – intends to become more and quickly reached within 7 years easily.

Today, the 200 km that separate Milan from Bormio is covered in about 3 hours by car, as the train reaches only Tirano (2 hours and 40 minutes) and the final 40 km need a further bus route. Livigno is even more from the Lombard capital and needs at the very least another around 30 minutes to obtain there.

How Milan changes

The most significant works on infrastructures and sports facilities are planned for the business of the Milan-Cortina Winter Games 2026.

At the news headlines of the victory of the 2026 Winter Olympics, Milan started doing work for the best upshot of the organization of the essential event. The program is targeted at rethinking the sports facilities and infrastructures of Milan to raised accommodate large sports events animated by athletes, fans, and visitors from round the global world.

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Here will be the most significant projects which will change the facial skin of the town given Milan-Cortina 2026:


Perhaps the most ambitious may be the construction of PalaItalia in the Santa Giulia district on the southeastern outskirts of the town.

The 15,000-seat arena is really a private structure that’s part of a more substantial redevelopment project called Montecity-Rogoredo. For January 2021 with completion in December 2023 the beginning of works is scheduled. It shall cost 70 million euros.

The Olympic Village

Still, on the southern outskirts of the populous city, the construction of the Olympic Village could have great impact: 1,260 beds with 70 single rooms and 630 double rooms on 19 hectares of land. The beginning of the construction site is scheduled for June 2022 and really should be completed 8 months prior to the opening of the Games. Its final destination shall turn into a huge residential campus for students.

2026 Olympics, how Milan changes: All of the works

Palasharp, an abandoned redevelopment project that is abandoned for days gone by 8 years, can be the Milan Hockey Arena. On December 2020 the works are scheduled to start out, in October 2021 and the plant to open.

Mediolanum Forum di Assago

The Mediolanum Forum of Assago ought to be expanded by 2026 to support figure skating and the short track. With the correct modifications, the plant could be around Olympic parameters on a single insurance because the IOC technicians.

Allianz Cloud

The ongoing works at the Ex Palalido, allianz Cloud now, will result in 2020 and can return a modular and multi-purpose structure prepared to host a lot more than 5,000 spectators for the competitions of different Olympic sports.

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