THE SWEETNESS Train shall transport 4 million tourists in the Alps

THE SWEETNESS Train shall transport 4 million tourists in the Alps

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From December 13, 2020, 4 million tourists should be able to travel easier between your Vaud and Bernese Alps because of what has  been dubbed “THE SWEETNESS Train: The Goldenpass Express MOB.”

The  MOB, acronym for  (Montreux Oberland Bernese), may be the train redesigned by Pininfarina for the railway company that manages the connections between one of the most evocative Swiss destinations.

The new train shall connect 3 tourist centers – Montreux, Gstaad, and Interlaken – increasing its attractiveness as transportation. The MOB represents challenging made possible by way of a revolutionary variable gauge trolley which will allow passing from the narrow rail to the standard rail in a couple of seconds, allowing travelers never to change trains at the Zweisimmen station.

“Finding ourselves before new safety standards was a stimulus, than a limitation rather, to your creativity,” explained Alfredo Palma, Pininfarina design project manager. “Atlanta divorce attorneys project, from automotive to architecture, our goal remains to generate beautiful objects overcoming regulatory or technical obstacles. With MOB, a train has been developed by us that provides an immersive travel experience, altogether symbiosis with the wonder of the encompassing nature.”

Pininfarina collaborated with MOB in 1993 by redesigning the Cristal Panoramic Express, the most photographed trains by tourists. Palama has extensive experience in the railway sector; actually, he designed the interiors and exteriors of high-speed trains in Italy (the famous Etr500, the initial Italian project for a high-speed train which appeared in 1985 and was adopted by Trenitalia) and in Spain.

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Over the full years, the Turin-based company has designed carriages for the Swiss, Danish, and Norwegian railways; the light rail system operating in Lille, France; and trams operating in a variety of cities in Italy currently, Greece, Sweden, and Turkey. In addition, it dealt with the inside and exterior colors of the brand new Eurostar e320, whose capacity has ended 900 passengers at a speed of 320 km each hour.

Author: Mario Masciullo - eTN Italy

Mario is a veteran in the travel industry. His experience extends worldwide since 1960 when at the age of 21 he started exploring Japan, Hong Kong, and Thailand. Mario has seen the World Tourism develop up to date and witnessed the destruction of the root/testimony of the past of a good number of countries in favor of modernity/progress. During the last 20 years Mario's travel experience has concentrated in South East Asia and of late included the Indian Sub Continent. Part of Mario's work experience includes multi activities in the Civil Aviation field concluded after organizing the kik off of for Malaysia Singapore Airlines in Italy as an Institutor and continued for 16 years in the role of Sales /Marketing Manager Italy for Singapore Airlines after the split of the two governments in October 1972. Mario's official Journalist license is by the "National Order of Journalists Rome, Italy in 1977.

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