Unbelievable what goes on once you forget your boarding spread Emirates

Unbelievable what goes on once you forget your boarding spread Emirates

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Emirates is again pushing the boundaries of technology once, becoming the initial airline outside America to get approval for biometric boarding from the U.S. Customs Border Protection (CBP).

Soon, customers flying from Dubai to some of Emirates’ 12 destinations in the U.S. can choose facial recognition technology at the departure gates, reducing the proper time taken for identity checks to two seconds or less. No pre-registration is necessary, and customers may choose never to utilize the technology also. Emirates will not store any biometric records of its customers – all of the data is managed by CBP securely.

The technology was piloted at the departure gates of Emirates’ in July and August flights from Dubai to NY and LA through the peak periods. The outcomes were encouraging with some flights achieving 100% biometric boarding and zero manual checks. The airline expects to create biometric boarding designed for all its U.S. destinations by year-end, the gear is set up once.

How biometric boarding works: at the boarding gate, the operational system clicks the passenger’s photo, that is compared to CBP’s gallery in real-time to verify the person’s identity in two seconds or less. The machine may not work with those that haven’t travelled to the U.S. for a long period or whose images aren’t in CBP’s gallery, in which particular case they are able to approach the gate desks.

Dr Abdulla Al Hashimi, Divisional Senior Vice President, Emirates Group Security said: “Security and safety will stay our number 1 priority always, as Emirates continues to explore and spend money on innovative solutions for hassle-free travel that help our customers fly better. Our ultimate aim would be to paperless help our passengers travel, with no need for IDs and passports. Biometric boarding is yet another part of streamlining processes at our hub using digital technology, saving our customers time and providing them with satisfaction. We have been talking with authorities of several countries to create security using facial recognition technology more acceptable and accessible.”

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John Wagner, Deputy Executive Assistant Commission, Office of Field Operations, U.S. Customs and Border Protection said: “CBP has been dealing with our stakeholders like Emirates to create a simplified, but secure travel process that aligns with CBP’s and the travel industry’s modernization efforts. By comparing a traveler’s face with their passport or visa photo that has been provided for the purpose of travel previously, we’ve streamlined identity verification that further secures and enhances the client experience.”

The announcement shall serve as a lift for AVSEC Global 2019, from Sunday that is being held, tuesday 22 to, september at the JW Marriott Marquis 24, Dubai. The symposium is among the most crucial aviation security events in your community and something of the largest globally.

In June, Emirates had implemented biometric boarding for passengers on its Washington-Dubai flights. The airline expects to roll out this technology across all its US destination airports. Emirates currently flies to 12 US cities: NY, Newark, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, LA, SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA, Seattle, Washington, D.C., Fort and orlando Lauderdale. October last year in, Emirates launched the world’s first biometric way to offer customers a seamless and smooth journey at Dubai Airport terminal.

Author: George Taylor

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