Aviation industry debates airport IT and security in London

Aviation industry debates airport IT and security in London

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Aviation industry debates airport IT and security in London

Smart security screening, cyber-attacks, drone incursions, applications of artificial intelligence and robotics are a number of the biggest focus areas for airports because they make an effort to optimize operational efficiency and secure seamless travel.

Senior level decision makers in charge of advancing and driving digital technologies will gather to delve deep into these issues at Airport IT & Security on the 25th – 26th September at the Hilton Bankside.

Bringing key stakeholders from 79 countries together, the conference aims to be always a much-needed knowledge sharing platform, debating best practice case studies on biometrics, machine learning, incident management and data processing.

Martin Boyer, CIO at Greater Toronto Airport Authority (GTAA), says: “All airports know about the necessity to evolve, with regards to technology particularly, airport and infrastructure processes.” Airport IT & Security recognizes this by including a number of interactive panel discussions that turn to unveil what the near future holds.

In-depth case presentations and studies will highlight how airports have planned for future security challenges. Ricardo Fernandes, Security and facilitation Bureau from the Portuguese Civil Aviation Authority, affirms that “the near future and current security challenges ought to be seen much less a concern, but being an chance for the aviation community to go over and discover solutions.”

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Ruby Deol, Chief Operating Officer from AlertEnterprise, a Platinum Partner of the function, urges the to understand the trend of insider threats. She comments: “Threats now originate not merely in the physical space however in cyber-environments also.”

Editor of AIRPORT TERMINAL Review, Tara Nolan, adds: “Digitalization is continuing to affect all areas of airport operations, sufficient reason for technologies evolving still, airport IT and security are two sectors in your industry that has to quickly adapt if the airport is usually to be kept safe and the passenger happy. I’m thoroughly pumped up about witnessing our assortment of industry-leading figures deliberate airport IT and security, it is a great chance of all to talk about best practice, observe new solutions, network with safeguard and professionals airports for future years.”

International Airport Review’s flagship conference will host both Martin and Ricardo alongside yet another 57 expert speakers to an audience of 400 from 79 countries. The function will feature leading edge technologies from over 23 sponsors and exhibitors also.

This mixture of interactive panel discussions by case and experts studies from over the entire IT and security spectrum, will generate lively advance and debate the digital transformation agenda for the aviation sector.

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Author: George Taylor

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