St. Kitts hosts Florida Caribbean Cruise Association’s Operations Team


St. Kitts hosts Florida Caribbean Cruise Association’s Operations Team

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Off the heels two consecutive record-setting cruise seasons, Minister of Tourism the Hon. Lindsay F.P. Grant with the Ministry of Tourism and the St. Kitts Tourism Authority hosted the FCCA Operations Team on island for meetings with local cruise stakeholders on Monday, On Tuesday november 4 sufficient reason for government officials, November 5, 2019 to go over further development of the island’s cruise sector.

“It really is my distinct pleasure to welcome the Florida Caribbean Cruise Association’s Operations Committee to St. Kitts,” said Minister Grant. “Our meetings make sure that the requirements are understood by us of the cruiselines and their passengers, receive feedback on our service standards and guest experience and offer insight into cruise industry trends such as for example new ships and itineraries for upcoming seasons, tending to help us to stay competitive as a premier cruise destination continue. We have been grateful for FCCA’s contributions to the development of our cruise sector and can continue working closely together.”

The FCCA Operations team welcomed by Minister Grant included: FCCA President Michele Paige; FCCA Operations Team VP and Chairman Operations, MSC Cruises (USA) Inc., Albino Di Lorenzo; Director, Worldwide Operations, Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd., Jamie Castillo; Associate Vice-President of Government Relations for Latin America & Caribbean, Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd., Andre Pousada; and Director, Commercial Homeport Operations, Carnival Cruise Line, Carlos Estrada.

Following a tour of the brand new second pier at Port Zante, the FCCA Operations team with the Ministry of St and Tourism. On Monday evening kitts Tourism Authority addressed local cruise industry stakeholders throughout a meeting held. They spoke concerning the overall success of the destination, the necessity for more unique signature tours to differentiate St. Kitts from other Caribbean islands which are either already with the capacity of accommodating Oasis and XCEL class ships or along the way of creating piers that can do so, the necessity to ensure guest satisfaction with local customer support providers, and the necessity for multilingual tours and signage to improve the guest experience. The meeting was perfectly attended, with a lot of local cruise industry stakeholders turning out to find out more on the cruiselines and cruise sector development along with how exactly to best service cruise guests.

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Led by Minister Grant, the St. Kitts team included: Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Tourism Mrs. Carlene Henry-Morton; CEO of the St. Kitts Tourism Authority Racquel Brown; and Product Development Manager of the St. Kitts Tourism Authority Melnecia Marshall. They further spoke with the FCCA Operations team about progress being made on the construction of the next cruise pier at Port Zante, transportation sector standards, public infrastructure development, customer support training for traditional and non-traditional service product and providers enhancement plans to keep the destination’s strong interest the cruise market.

St. Kitts exceeded one million cruise passenger arrivals in the 2017-2018 cruise season for the very first time in its history, year in the 2018-2019 season then did so again for another consecutive. It’s the only destination in the OECS to attain the million-passenger milestone ever. Having reached it, St. Kitts is currently considered by the cruiselines to stay exactly the same marquee port status category just as much larger destinations in your community.

Author: George Taylor

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