Flights to Sierra Leone going to are more affordable


Flights to Sierra Leone going to are more affordable

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In an attempt to create air transport affordable and accessible to all or any Sierra Leoneans and to promote tourism, the federal government of Sierra Leone (GoSL), through the Ministry of Finance, has eliminated the products and Service Tax (GST) levied on all aviation charges at the Freetown International Airport.

The Minister of Finance, Hon. Jacob Jusu Saffa made this disclosure through the reading of the federal government Cover the 2020 Financial Year in the Well of Parliament. The GST exemption on all aviation charges is likely to take effect in 2020 following the enactment of the 2020 Finance Bill.

The objective of the tax exemption on aviation charges would be to decrease the cost of happen to be Sierra Leone so as to promote air transportation, boost tourism and create job opportunities. In line with the budget: *“All aviation related charges will be exempted from the payment of GST. Included in these are all aircraft handling aircraft and charges fuelling.”*

The Director General of Sierra Leone Civil Aviation Authority (SLCAA), Moses Tiffa Baio said the move created by the federal government of Sierra Leone to exempt all aviation related charges in Financial Year, a2020 is really a demonstration of government’s strong political will to build up the aviation industry in Sierra Leone, adding that it’s another method of opening Sierra Leone to tourism along with other development opportunities which is often a motivation for economic turnaround in 2020.

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*“The elimination of GST on all aviation related charges at the Freetown AIRPORT TERMINAL opens the entranceway to multiple opportunities which the reduced amount of airfare ticket prices in Sierra Leone may be the key. Before, airport charges and taxes levied on airline operations had direct effect on ticket cost which resulted to improve in air tickets. The tax exemption will certainly reduce cost of operations for the airlines and therefore foster industry growth and donate to the promotion of Air transport and tourism in Sierra Leone,”* he said.

The effort to create a safe, secure, sound and economically viable aviation system in Sierra Leone has been among the top priorities of the brand new Direction administration. Prior to the proceed to eliminate GST on aviation related charges, GoSL reduced all airport taxes levied on air tickets.

With these highlighted reductions supported by the program implementation of Billing and Settlement Plan (BSP) by International Air Transport Association (IATA) and the federal government of Sierra Leone, it really is expected that air ticket prices will undoubtedly be low in 2020 and beyond considerably.

Sierra Leone is really a person in the African Tourism Board.

Author: George Taylor

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